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Our KRAV MAGA is based on the battle-tested experience of renowned SELF DEFENCE experts - ITAY GIL and LIOR OFFENBACH. We have been trained by these Israeli counter-terror and police experts, and our mission is training you to SURVIVE! Our KRAV MAGA continually evolves to be a step ahead of new trends in violence, ensuring we have the most effective SURVIVAL system around. Our KRAV MAGA techniques and survival skills focus on what works in the harsh reality of violence.


Our training provides the fast development of life saving skills and confidence that shortens the amount of time required to spend in training. We train you to SURVIVE by taking you out of your comfort zone and challenging you physically, mentally and emotionally. To condition you for real life violence, we expose you to stressful situations and practice under realistic scenarios. By training realistically we ensure that what we teach is the most effective KRAV MAGA SELF DEFENCE system.


Fighting styles and violence are changing with times. The growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts also impacts the type and the amount of violence the average person would consider using in a fight these days. In addition to KRAV MAGA, we also provide in-depth training in COMBAT STRIKING and GROUND COMBAT to ensure that our members get experience in all modern styles of fighting! Furthermore we bring in visiting experts from other street fighting systems for yearly training seminars, to provide our members and public an opportunity to add more SELF DEFENCE tools to their already impresive arsenal.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

A list of frequently asked questions about training with us

Not all Krav Maga is the same. We at KRAV FIGHTER place great emphasis on keeping our training effective, realistic and current. KRAV MAGA as a discipline is not a joke and should not be trained like one. A violent threat or attack is a SERIOUS THING, and training to survive it should be just as SERIOUS.

We provide a realistic self defence training based on the experience and advice of renowned experts ITAY GIL who served 14 years in the elite Israeli counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit, "Yamam" and LIOR OFFENBACH who served 8 years as a police detective dealing with riots and violent offenders. Both have adapted traditional KRAV MAGA using their experience from the field about what works under pressure, deep understanding of biomechanical principles and criminal-victim behaviour.

Our approach to teaching and training reflects this, so our KRAV MAGA evolves with the times, rather than being stuck on what used to work when Imi Lichtenfeld was active in the Israeli military. Furthermore, we are the only KRAV MAGA club in New Zealand providing COMBAT STRIKING and GROUND COMBAT training alongside KRAV MAGA. For more information about these classes, have a look at our TIMETABLE.

Ultimately, you can always TRY A CLASS with us and experience a difference in how we train first hand.

Please review our TIMETABLE first, to avoid disappointment if you have existing commitments that prevent you from training with us. If there is one or more days per week where you'd be able to train with us, the next step would be to book a FREE TRIAL class, to experience the way we train, meet the instructors and other club members. We'll talk to you about membership options, protective equipment and everything else you may want to know after the class. At this point you don't have to make a decision to join; we prefer you think about it. We usually get in touch after few days to find out if you're still keen to train with us and if that's the case, we'll guide you through the joining process. We accept payments by VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards, direct debit, bank transfers and cash.

Go to FREE TRIAL. You'll be presented with a list of available Free KRAV MAGA Trial Classes for the current week. You can choose another week using the calendar above the list. Once you locate a class you'd like to book, click on the Book button, followed by Next. Choose Create Account, unless you already have an Account with us. Populate all the required information, including the acceptance of the Liability Waiver and click on Create Account. You'll receive two e-mails (Welcome and Booking confirmation). Booking confirmation has detailed instructions for the Free Trial Class, so please read it to avoid surprises on the day. Each person trialling a class has to complete their own registration.

Most of our members lack general fitness when they join. This is a fact of life, as most of us don't move enough due to our sedentary lifestyles. The good news is that once you start training with us, your fitness and core strength will improve drastically over time. However, this does require consistency in training and willingness to put in a hard work. A person training twice a week will benefit much more than someone training once a fortnight. Our instructors are great motivators during the classes, but to take advantage of their skill and experience, you have to make the first step every time and keep turning up to training consistently. There are no magic formulas here, just hard work and determination to develop a set of skills that may save your or someone else's life in the future. If you want results, you have to be prepared to invest the time and energy into your training.

The majority of people enquiring about our training have never trained KRAV MAGA, or the training they experienced in the past wasn't as Realistic as ours. We are passionate about a REALISTIC SELF DEFENCE and KRAV MAGA and believe it is vital that anyone showing interest in SELF DEFENCE experiences what a REALISTIC KRAV MAGA training session looks like. Even if you decide not to join us for the regular training after experiencing your FREE TRIAL class, you will have an appreciation of what it takes to actually defend yourself when attacked by a motivated aggressor.

As a general guide, you can train with us for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

It is important to understand that our instructors have specialised skills and experience. They will train you to increase your chances of survival in violent situations, and avoid becoming a victim. The amount of energy and individual attention our instructors give to each student every class is priceless.

Saying that, we do have a range of membership options depending on various factors such as whether you study full time or work, whether you work as a front line officer for essential services (fire, police, military, health services) and whether you want to train with a spouse/partner, friend or family member.

Pricing is also designed to reward commitment to training, so the more you train, the cheaper per session it is.

We will explain the membership options in detail after you experience our 'no obligation to join' FREE TRIAL class, as by then we'll know more about you, so we will be able to offer the best pricing available to meet your training needs.

Go to CLASSES->WORKSHOPS , select an event you're interested in, click on the Register button, followed by Next. Choose to Create Account, unless you already have an Account with us. Populate all the required information, including the acceptance of the Liability Waiver and click on Create Account. You'll be prompted to enter your credit card information (only VISA & MASTERCARD accepted) and will be charged when you click on the Checkout button. You'll receive three e-mails (Welcome, Registration confirmation, Invoice). Booking confirmation has detailed instructions for the event, so please read it to avoid surprises on the day. Each person attending the workshop has to complete their own registration.


Check out the ABOUT section of our website for more information on KRAV MAGA and KRAV FIGHTER training. Get in touch if you have further enquiries and we will contact you ASAP!

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KRAV FIGHTER is Auckland based full-time combative self defence training centre, that provides specialised KRAV MAGA training to ordinary people. Training with us builds mental and physical toughness, confidence and fitness that empower you in all areas of life.

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Joel Tham
Krav Maga & ICS Instructor, Training Director
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Luby Pavic
Krav Maga Instructor, Managing Director
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Renuka Patel
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Charlie Riley
Combat Striking & ICS Instructor
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Shane Yuile
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Clinton Davies
Ground Combat Instructor, Wrestling & BJJ Instructor


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