Close Quarter Combat Auckland Training Seminar with Peter Sciarra of ICS

Close Quarter Combat Auckland ICS Training Seminar
03.05.2019 10:00 am - 05.05.2019 4:00 pm


Combining elements of military style close quarters combat, law enforcement, and material from various martial sources, ICS bridges the gap between the Military, Police, and Martial Artist. ICS will teach you to use any part of your body as a weapon in any environment. You will learn new, creative but brutally effective ways to do strikes, kicks, takedowns, joint locks, weapon defence, ground fighting and more. Peter Sciarra is the founder of ICS and one of the foremost self defence instructors in the world having taught police, military, bodyguards, pro MMA fighters and more. He now has a dedicated and talented following of instructors around the globe including Krav Fighter who have some of the highest ranked ICS instructors in the country. This one of a kind training is available in New Zealand only at Krav Fighter in Auckland, and only once a year, which is still much more convenient than travelling to Melbourne to train with Peter in his gym. You can join us for 1, 2 or all 3 days of top hand to hand combat training during this event. No previous experience is required, however moderate level of fitness is recommended.

Course Fee: $150-$350 (early bird), or $200-$400 (after 02 April), depending on the number of days attending and whether you're a member or non-member. The fee is non-refundable.