First Auckland Krav Maga Class of the Year

First Auckland Krav Maga Class of the Year
11.01.2021 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


We're back from the Christmas Holiday break, recharged and ready to rumble! If you ever wondered what Krav Maga Self Defence system is about, but haven't had an opportunity to try Realistic & Effective Self Defence training that challenges you both physically and mentally, or have tried "Krav Maga" or "Self Defence" elsewhere and were not convinced the training you received would increase your chances of survival in case of a violent attack, don't wait any further and Book our Auckland Krav Maga Trial Class to experience Realistic Krav Maga Self Defence training like no other. We offer five classes per week and we're the only full time combative Self Defence Krav Maga training centre in New Zealand that also offers striking and grappling classes (Mixed Martial Arts - MMA style but focused on the street self defence), in addition to Hand to Hand Combat Krav Maga training!

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