Krav Maga Intensive Auckland Course Part III - includes Ability Tests Levels 8-10

Krav Maga Intensive Auckland Course
27.11.2021 10:00 am - 28.11.2021 6:00 pm


This is the last part of our intensive, mentally and physically challenging 3 weekend course for development of survival skills for real world situations open to members and general public. While previous self defence/martial arts background or experience is not required, the moderate levels of fitness are. The 6 day course is designed to cover a complete syllabus of our Krav Maga Self Defence system.

Training begins with awareness and basic self defence, and progresses to more advanced techniques over the course of the programme. These techniques will be trained under intense and physically demanding conditions that simulate real world situations. You'll practice the basic defence techniques (blocks, bursting, kicks, strikes and proper footwork), fighting on the ground, handling single and multiple attackers, defence against common threats and attacks from bladed weapons (knives, anything with a sharp or pointy edge), blunt weapons (bats, pipes, sticks), chokes, various holds, guns (pistol and long arm weapons), and many other dangerous and violent scenarios. For the complete outline of our Krav Maga training programme and specifics of Levels 8-10 we'll teach this weekend, please visit AUCKLAND KRAV MAGA: ULTIMATE SELF DEFENCE TRAINING IN NEW ZEALAND page.

At the end of each day of the course, the attendees will have an opportunity to be tested at Krav Fighter Ability Test. The completion of the Test is determined by the attendee's ability to demonstrate the skills, determination, aggression and control required for the particular level being tested. The ability test during the Krav Maga Intensive course is equivalent to the stand-alone ability tests that are organised throughout the year, however the certification in the second and third weekend is available only to those that are either certified by Krav Fighter at Levels 4 and 7 respectively, or have attended all the preceding weekends.

This means that while the attendees can pick and choose the weekends they want to attend, if they wish to receive an official certificate with the level they've accomplished, they have to attend the weekends covering the Levels of Krav Fighter grading system in order starting from their current certified Level (or earlier if they wish). For example, if the participant is certified at Level 3 and they are unable to join us on the second weekend that covers Levels 4-7, they can join us for training during the third weekend that covers Levels 8-10, but they can't be certified at Levels 8-10 even if they perform well in the Ability Tests during this weekend, since they haven't been certified at the Level 7 yet. With this approach to grading, we enable a flexibility in training, while ensuring the integrity of our certification.

During this course, you will learn how to effectively defend yourself, loved ones and any other person that is being threatened or attacked. You will become more confident and mentally tough. We'll challenge you in a way that will waken up your survival instincts and enable you to realise the full extent of your ability when confronted by danger.

Fee: $250 members, $300 non-members. No refunds or credits unless the event is cancelled by Krav Fighter. Earlybird offer: Register before 1st of June and receive $50 discount.