Last Auckland Krav Maga Class of the Year

Last Auckland Krav Maga Class of the Year
23.12.2021 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


We are closing for a few weeks over the Christmas holiday period to give our members and instructors a well deserved break. As we are usually around right up to Christmas, we're happy to teach a few Krav Maga classes for the most dedicated members even during our official 'holiday closure' period provided there is sufficient interest, so if you're keen put your name down early and also let us know which day(s) you'd prefer to train and we'll get back to you during our last official week of the year. During the holiday period we do not have Krav Maga trial classes, so if you missed out on trying one of our classes, make sure you book early for the next year to avoid missing out again. We're usually quite busy at the beginning of the year with New Year resolutions kicking in, so timely booking for a trial class will ensure you get a spot, rather than having to wait until the backlog clears. We wish our members past and present and anyone who's trained with us Happy Holidays and a great New Year. Come by next year and experience the best Krav Maga & Self Defence training in Auckland and New Zealand wide!

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