Krav Maga Auckland Locations

Our Auckland Krav Maga gym is conveniently located at a central Auckland address with plenty of parking, close to main arterial routes and motorways with easy access from the North Shore, South Auckland, Eastern Suburbs and West Auckland, ensuring that people from all over Auckland region can come and train with us. Sometimes we’re asked why we don't open training locations within these four parts of Auckland in addition to, or instead of our central Auckland location. The answer to this question is not a simple one. On the surface, it may appear that having more Krav Fighter locations, where people could train the authentic Krav Maga in Auckland, would be beneficial in ensuring no cheap imitations are being offered elsewhere. For many people, an adage 'location, location, location' is of prime importance not only for their homes, but also in making decisions where to train, so a handy training location is their main criteria.

To be honest, if a person's goal is just to move around, maintain some fitness, and have somewhere to blow off some steam, the standard of training is probably a secondary consideration anyway. There are many people who dabble in various Martial Arts for those reasons. They may just attend classes for fitness side, for the pad striking and kicking drills and may never muster confidence to try sparring, and are not interested in competing. On the other hand, if a person's goal is to receive the best training they can afford, then the training location should be secondary to the quality of training they can expect to receive at a particular gym. It's like anything in life, we only get out what we put into it.

Furthermore, there is a major difference in training for sport and training for self defence and survival. A good quality combat sport training centre will definitely include training the self defence aspects of that sport. However, people come to us to train Krav Maga for Self Defence first and foremost. They're interested in learning skills that will increase their chance of survival when confronted with a violent situation from the experts in the field, and want confidence that we'll condition them to deal with the real life violence. For these reasons, the standard of Auckland Krav Maga training provided by Krav Fighter has to be at the highest level at all times, as we have a responsibility to teach techniques that work under stressful conditions and violent situations on the streets.Managing a full time gym while constantly delivering quality training is hard work, and it requires the dedication of the owners, instructors/coaches as well as members. Leasing multiple locations full time has to stack up from a business perspective, and it rarely does for anyone else but the most established gyms with many instructors and a large member base, especially in Auckland, in the industry that has a high turnover. On the other hand, while leasing once a week time slots in the multiple locations is much cheaper and therefore more profitable, it is impossible to find a fully equipped gym (safety, mats, kicking bags, shields, protective gear etc.) that is unused during the peak times, enabling someone else to lease a popular time slot and deliver quality training. This is why you won't see this kind of arrangement in any of the top quality Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms.

Krav Maga Reverse Grip Knife Attack

In addition to all the equipment common for the Mixed Martial Arts or Combat Sports gym, a premier Auckland Krav Maga, Combative Self Defence & Street Martial training centre like Krav Fighter needs to also have various training replica weapons, like knives, machetes, batons, rifles, pistols. To be able to train at the level of intensity that will ensure members develop skills that work under pressure, and the confidence to defend themselves if the need arises, the safety in training simply cannot be overlooked. We provide impact jackets and shields for full contact training, and always have a stock of the individual protective gear on hand for protection of people trialling our classes, as well as for new and current members getting equipped or replacing their worn out gear. We simply couldn't offer this level of safety in the places where we're guests only an hour or so a week.

Also, the Krav Fighter philosophy of camaraderie and our members being a family where people who train together maintain community spirit and look after one another would simply not be possible if we started jetting in and out of various satellite locations. A person who would join us due to the convenience of a training location in say South Auckland will unlikely be following us to another part of the town for their next class, effectively not being able to utilise their unlimited classes membership and missing out on training with great people at other satellite locations. Essentially, such an operating model wouldn't enable us to keep developing a club where people feel they belong.

All of this means that for Krav Fighter to continue providing the highest quality Krav Maga in Auckland, having one well managed central location has no alternative at present. We are not prepared to put profits before people, and sell only fitness while labelling it Krav Maga Self Defence. To operate from various ill-equipped locations hired for an hour or so per week, we'd have to teach watered down techniques with no or minimal resistance and low intensity. Unfortunately while such an approach is popular with global Krav Maga franchises worldwide, including here in Auckland, we at Krav Fighter don't find it ethically acceptable to drop our standards and teach stuff that has no chance of working in real life violence just to appear bigger by covering many Auckland locations once a week.

However, at the point when we have a bigger pool of quality instructors than our present five and a larger highly committed member base, we may consider another full time location, or an affiliate club that would be operated by a dedicated team for that location to ensure Krav Fighter continues to provide the best quality of Krav Maga Self Defence & Street Martial Arts training in New Zealand, no matter the location you end up training in.

Until such time, think about your priorities and what you want to achieve with your training. If your goal is to learn to defend yourself in realistic scenarios, experience the types of aggression you'd be confronted by in the real world, train under pressure to develop mental and physical toughness, then try a class or two at Krav Fighter's central Auckland location in Grafton, and experience the difference in training we offer compared with other 'Krav Maga' places. Your first Krav Maga Class with us is free to give you an opportunity to see what we're about and also to ensure you're a right fit for the club before you make a commitment to training with us. We set high standards for ourselves and our members, and this is one of the reasons people want to belong to Krav Fighter.