Krav Maga Knife Control & Takedown

When you start looking for Krav Maga Self Defence in Central Auckland, come along to one of our classes in Grafton at our Krav Fighter gym located at 89 Grafton Rd. We open a limited number of places in five out of nine weekly classes for people interested in experiencing the authentic Krav Maga that we learnt first-hand from Israeli counter terror and security experts who have extensive real life experience in surviving violence. We are confident that our Self Defence training is the highest quality Krav Maga available in Auckland and are happy to show you what authentic Krav Maga training is about.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself and your family, trying a class or two with us will give you a valuable insight into our specialised way of training. You'll also get to know our other members and instructors in our great team. The whole purpose of us opening the classes for trial is to provide people from our local community who are motivated to learn Krav Maga an opportunity to experience training with us. If you're permanently residing in Auckland, you can take advantage of our 2 trial classes package where your 1st class is free. We also have two conveniently priced introductory options for visitors, so just make sure to select the right option at the check out and buy a preferred pass to train at our club while you're visiting Auckland.

We believe in offering a 'try before you buy' option to our community because some people who need our training the most would not come otherwise. For many who have experienced violence and bullying, it is hard to get into an unfamiliar environment where people are taught to fight back and survive. Especially if they've been in one or more situations in the photos of training throughout our Krav Fighter website, they may find the whole idea of coming alone quite intimidating. Often, they bring a friend, a partner, or family member to train with them during their trial, so not charging for the first and making a second trial class very affordable makes it a bit easier to get a 'support person' to participate even if that person doesn't have any interest in Krav Maga. This is also why we introduced buy 1 get 1 free deal for our Krav Maga Basics introductory course, which is very popular with women and female teenagers alike.

From the experience we have gained through hundreds of people training with us, I have prepared a few suggestions for getting the most out of your trial classes with us. While most are common sense, sometimes people don’t know how to prepare for their trial and may find it useful to have the most important things outlined here.

It is important to read your confirmation email and ensure you follow it. Everything you need to know about the trial class is in it, including how to find us, where to park, what to bring and wear. You don’t want to be that person who turns up without essentials like a water bottle and a towel or wear an inappropriate clothing for intense close contact activity (like a skimpy yoga outfit).

Please don’t be late. Remember, this is not a general fitness class where you can be half an hour late and then just blend in by following the steps of the fitness instructor on the stage. It is very important that you are briefed upon arrival, and also to get properly warmed up during the first 15 minutes of the class so that the potential for injury is minimised.

Krav Maga Ground Choke

Confirm that you have the time for regular training on a consistent basis at the times when our classes are scheduled. We can't change our timetable to adjust it to everyone's personal circumstances, so if you're busy most nights when we train, booking a trial class one night when you happen to have a 'hole' in your busy schedule is just a waste of time. Learning to protect yourself takes time and a single class simply won't cut it.

Don’t turn up with a totally empty stomach or straight after having dinner. You need energy for any physical activity, so if your last meal was quite a while ago, have a banana an hour before the class. At the same time, you don't want to train with a full stomach. Trust me on this one.

If you suffer from any health conditions, please consult your treatment provider about whether intense close contact physical activity is safe/recommended for you. We are not health professionals and are unable to provide you with such advice. Where such conditions are disclosed to us during the briefing, we may err on the side of caution and recommend you do not partake in the trial before you get an approval from your health practitioner, so please do not be offended if this does happen. Your safety and the safety of our members is of utmost importance to us, so we are not discriminating against you, but looking after your best interests.

For some, trying a class before going overseas might seem like a good idea as a way of ‘learning some self defence’ for the trip. The reality is that while you may feel more confident at the end of the class, you'll be lacking many skills that need time and practice to be developed. If you do want to get some skills to keep yourself safe on your overseas trip, come to our Krav Maga Basic introductory course instead. In this course, we teach basic skills that are useful in avoiding/preventing violence, in addition to training drills covering distance management, stances and movement patterns, offensive and defensive strikes we use in Krav Maga and sensitive areas we target. Our specialised monthly workshops are also a good way to focus on a single topic and since they’re 3.5 hours in duration, you’ll get to do more drilling than in a single regular class.

Turn up to the trial class that you booked. First impressions last and the trial class is sort of a matchmaking, you're checking us out to see if we're the right fit for you, but we are also checking you out to see if you're the right fit for the club and our team members. When you don't show up or try to cancel just before the class starts, someone else will miss out. If this does happen for whatever reason, you do have a discounted second class from your trial pack, which can be booked within 7 days of the one you missed. If you let your second trial class lapse too, you can still buy an introductory 2-class offer that is available to visitors, so you can try two classes another time. We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy to ensure the places we open up for trial are available to those who will make it to training. We are not pursuing massive memberships with a big turnover like global Krav Maga organisations. Our members are like our family, therefore the culture of dedication to training and mutual respect is very important to us.

Please don’t bring someone to record you during your trial class so you can 'practice at home'. Our members need to feel safe, and having a complete stranger with no relationship with the club or authorisation from the club management film them is not acceptable.

When you try a Krav Maga class with us, you enter an environment where you're looked after not only by our instructors, but also other club members who embrace you, like they were embraced during their trial. To ensure that both our members and people trialling the class have a great training experience, our policies and recommendations are designed to minimise disruptions, thus being a great place for people genuinely looking to train and develop solid self defence skills over a period of time, rather than just looking for quick fixes.

If you do follow my suggestions, you'll find that you'll greatly minimise the usual sources of self sabotage I wrote about in the Master Krav Maga, Overcome Your Obstacles article. Your decision making on whether to join us after the trial class will be a very straightforward process, especially when you compare the standard of our training to that of the global Krav Maga franchises. Decisiveness and determination are the key qualities of a Krav Maga practitioner, and at KRAV FIGHTER we teach you to be both from your first class. So don't delay, BOOK your trial class with us and discover why we're Auckland's favourite Krav Maga Self Defence training centre!