Realistic Self Defence Training in New Zealand and Australia

A directory of Krav Maga gyms in NZ & AU affiliated with Protect Krav Maga or/and Combat Krav Maga International

We have trained with instructors from the clubs listed below, have personally seen their skills and teaching styles in action and can recommend them. While there may be other gyms out there advertising Krav Maga training, we are unable to recommend them if their standards of training are not comparable to what we maintain at Krav Fighter. If you'd like to be featured in this list, contact us and if we're satisfied that you're teaching effective and realistic Krav Maga, we will gladly include you into this directory.

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8/10 Peveril St
3056 Brunswick,
VIC, Australia

Contact Details:
Phone (+61) 03 9383 4848


Guardian Defence

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