Krav Maga Woman Takes Attacker Down

Unlike most martial arts and combat sports, Krav Maga's emphasis is on survival, rather than just fighting. Two of the key pillars of Krav Maga are situational awareness & conflict avoidance being the first steps of a complete self defence & protection system. Irrespective of our fighting skills and experience, we'll always have the best chance of survival if we can avoid an attack in the first place. In our Krav Maga training, women learn how to plan and think on the fly, when to de-escalate and when it is appropriate to escalate, all with the common goal of averting a situation that may result in injury or loss of life. However, if there is no way to avoid a physical confrontation, then they will fight back aggressively and get out of a dangerous situation as soon as possible. Generally speaking men usually struggle with the concept of conflict avoidance. Many perceive it as 'unmanly' not to respond to provocation, or that it shows weakness when they don't assert their 'status' over another man if they feel challenged (whether true or not). Most women are quite the opposite, unless stimulants like alcohol and drugs are involved, so having plan/steps before having to resort to fighting back, resonates with women from the outset, making Krav Maga an ideal Self Defence system for women.

Krav Maga Woman Overhead Knife BlockKrav Maga Woman Overhead Knife Defence & Takedown

The reality of violence is that we do not have a choice in who, when or where we may be attacked. Being attacked on the street, at the park, or at your home by a man is a completely different situation from say a woman fighting against another woman in a combat sport match. In sport fighting, competitors have a set date on when they know they will fight, a goal driven training plan, and the expectation that regardless of the outcome the referee, their corner and their coach will be there to look out for them. None of this exists in a surprise violent attack that happens when we're going about our daily life and not expecting to have to fight back to survive. In our Krav Maga classes and courses, women train equally with men as well as other women. Krav Maga is not a sport, but a hand to hand fighting system, therefore to ensure the authenticity and realism of Self Defence training at Krav Fighter, people are not separated by gender and weight. While this may sound scary to some women, the reality is that our approach to Krav Maga training is empowering women and helps immensely in the development of self protection skills, confidence and conditioning to respond to violence appropriately. Check out our blog article about Women's Krav Maga & Self Defence and find out why women-only Krav Maga classes and boot-camps are detrimental to women's ability to defend themselves when needed.

When women try our class for the first time, many express surprise that our Krav Maga training is conducted in a very social and supportive environment. Often, the expectation is of a testosterone fuelled martial arts gym, especially as we stand out in the way we train compared to most Krav Maga gyms. One of the very reasons we can practice as close as possible to reality is that we foster a culture where members work as a team, help one another other during training and thus develop a sense of belonging and togetherness in the process. This culture of camaraderie is very important for our club, and ensures it is a safe and welcoming place for women.

Krav Maga Woman Single Leg Takedown

Today, women are looking for a more engaging way to develop fitness and also a place where the focus of the workout is not just to look better but to be healthier overall. Krav Maga training fits this criteria very well. In particular Krav Fighter's training programme engages you mentally, emotionally and physically at the same time. In our training, women develop overall functional fitness, rather than working out to achieve a 'look'. In addition to the development of life saving self defence skills, our Krav Maga training is superior when compared to a typical gym workout. The consistent intensity and pressure not only empowers but creates mental and emotional calmness and stoicism which is useful not just in self defence but also in dealing with the pressures of day to day life.

In our experience, women can handle more than they initially believe, but because they've never pushed themselves, they think they might not be suited to realistic self defence training. We are passionate about Krav Maga and Self Defence, and are on a mission to dispel this myth. Learning to protect herself should be high on the to-do-list of every woman and we believe that Krav Maga, and the way we train at Krav Fighter in particular is the best way for women to acquire skills and conditioning to deal with real violence in a safe and supportive environment.

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