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KRAV FIGHTER is Auckland based full-time combative self defence training centre, that provides specialised KRAV MAGA training to ordinary people. Our training gives members effective tools and tactics to defend themselves and survive when confronted by violence. Our conditioning process exposes you to stressful situations and environments by practice under realistic scenarios. Training with us builds mental and physical toughness, confidence and fitness that empower you in all areas of life. Club members help each other reach their true potential and develop a sense of belonging and togetherness in the process. KRAV FAMILY is the term our members use when referring to the club, and we're very proud to have fostered this culture. We also take an active role in the community, working with Programs against the Violence, Private Security Sector, and Corporate Groups and DO NOT ACCEPT individuals with gang affiliations and/or criminal records.

KRAV FIGHTER was founded by instructors and senior members of Combat Krav Maga, after it announced the closure and move to the USA in August 2016. The club was operating under the name of Combat Krav Maga NZ from November 2016 until the end of 2017, when it was re-branded as KRAV FIGHTER.

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KRAV FIGHTER KRAV MAGA is based on the experience and advice of renowned experts like Dr ITAY GIL who served 14 years in the elite Israeli counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit, "Yamam" and LIOR OFFENBACH who served 8 years as a police detective dealing with riots and violent offenders. Dr ITAY GIL is a founder of and CEO of PROTECT ISRAELI SECURITY SOLUTIONS, and LIOR OFFENBACH is a founder and Chief Instructor of COMBAT KRAV MAGA INTERNATIONAL.

Being an independent KRAV MAGA training facility allows us to keep evolving in our training and techniques, so that they remain as effective as possible for protection against the violence prevalent TODAY, rather than being stuck in the principles and techniques that were taught in the past, for the violence of YESTERDAY. Our training changes to be step ahead of new trends in violence, ensuring we have the most effective survival system available. We can modify our techniques and survival skills to focus on what works under highly stressful situations, without having to fight the bureaucracy and hierarchy of a large KRAV MAGA organisation.

An effective self defence system needs to be adaptable to each person's attributes, so that it is applicable to a wide range of people. We all differ in physical build, strength, agility, attitude, motivation. An added complexity in self defence training is that real life attacks are unpredictable and dynamic, and the only way to ensure the training is fit for purpose is to train under as realistic and dynamic conditions as possible. KRAV FIGHTER training provides fast development of life saving skills and confidence that shortens the amount time required to spend in training when compared with more traditional large KRAV MAGA organisations.

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At KRAV FIGHTER, we train you to SURVIVE by challenging you physically, mentally and emotionally, while taking you out of your comfort zone. To condition you for the real life violence, we expose you to stressful situations and environments by practice under realistic scenarios. Each training session is different and is often taught by a different instructor, to ensure that club members get exposed to different situations and learn how to apply KRAV MAGA principles in dealing with various real life 'problems'. You learn how to be aware of your surroundings, judge situations fast and adapt to them faster, how to de-escalate conflict, or escalate as a means of last resort and save your life. Training with us will enable you to realise your true potential, and awaken your inner strength and resilience that are absolutely necessary for SURVIVAL when confronted by violence. The way we train gives our members confidence they'll be able to keep themselves and their families safe in modern times where levels of violence are on the increase. By training realistically we ensure that what we teach is the most effective KRAV MAGA SELF DEFENCE system.

KRAV FIGHTER has KRAV MAGA classes for adults at all skill levels, as well as classes specifically designed to improve STRIKING and GRAPPLING skills. For detailed class schedule, please go to CLASSES->TIMETABLE. Training is available to people aged 14 or above, all genders, levels of fitness and previous combat training experience, that are SERIOUS about learning realistic SELF DEFENCE. While physical fitness is not a requirement, students can expect training to be physically challenging as a part of the conditioning process. We also provide specialised workshops, training seminars with guest instructors from overseas and annual intensive KRAV MAGA course. These are open to members and general public. For event dates and information, please go to EVENTS.

KRAV FIGHTER provides its students the opportunity to advance through skill levels of our KRAV MAGA system through military style ability tests (gradings) that challenge them both physically and mentally over 4-5 hours after which they need to demonstrate their survival skills in a "Circle of Death" at the end of the ability test. These tests have been designed to provide students with the environment as close as possible to being attacked under unfavourable conditions (being tired after a long day with minimal physical and mental energy left), and the goal is to show them that determination and will to LIVE is crucial in those LIFE or DEATH moments.

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A violent threat or attack is a SERIOUS THING, and training to SURVIVE it should not be taken lightly. The quality of KRAV MAGA instruction while being a pre-requisite is not the only factor in having a great training experience. Training with people that are committed to learning and dedicated to working hard to develop these life saving skills is as important. If you have a right mindset and attitude, your current fitness level and lack of combat training experience is not an obstacle, but something you'll develop while training with us.

Do you have what it takes to become a KRAV FIGHTER? Are you motivated enough to dedicate your time and effort required to learn the most effective SELF DEFENCE set of skills available TODAY? Are you willing to commit to learning how to PROTECT yourself, your loved ones or a random person that is attacked violently? If you genuinely want to acquire skills that training KRAV MAGA with KRAV FIGHTER provides, and you're prepared for SERIOUS training to SURVIVE, then we want to HEAR from you.

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