Krav Maga Overhead Knife Attack

Auckland Krav Maga provided by Krav Fighter is the Ultimate Self Defence Training Programme that covers the most effective tactics, techniques and principles for dealing with harsh reality of violence. To provide the public and our members with a point of reference and better understanding of the skills we train in regular classes, during workshops as well as our signature event - the Krav Maga Intensive Course that takes place once a year over 3 two day weekends, we published a high level overview of New Zealand's Leading Krav Maga & Self Defence Training Programme below. If you're keen to challenge yourself, find out what you are made of, gain the confidence that you can defend yourself no matter how tired you are, and immerse yourself into Krav Maga training like no other, join us. We welcome people from all the systems and clubs; no one should feel left out or that they can't train with us just because their usual Martial Art or Self Defence system is not the Krav Fighter system.

Krav Maga Overhead Knife Defence


Level 1

Situational awareness, conflict avoidance and de-escalation. Pre-emptive strikes. Outside defence (360 degrees) against circular punch attacks, inside defence against straight punch attacks.  Basic strikes (straight punches, hammers, horizontal elbows, palm strikes, eye jabs, groin kicks, knee strikes, defensive back kicks, kicks to the knee). Shadow fighting.

Being able to manoeuvre on the feet properly (stances, balance, bursting) and able to deliver basic strikes and kicks in short combinations of kicks and punches, using proper range and technique while displaying aggression and mental toughness under pressure. Basic standing choke releases.

Level 2

Circular punches and kicks, vertical elbow strikes. Shield defence & spikes. Defensive forward and side kicks. Side break falls. Being able to block outside and inside strikes and counter attack against straight and round kicks. Basic multiple attacker scenarios. Basic evasion or defence of overhead stab with a knife. Pre-emptive rear choke defence.

Level 3

Break falls – back, front and getting up. Basic ground fighting and grappling, being able to deal with a variety of basic grabs and grapple attacks. Defence from bear hugs, side headlocks standing and on the ground. Counter attacks against pulling and pushing. Being able to defend against an unarmed attacker while being on the ground. Fighting skills emphasizing a mix of grappling and striking. Basic choke defences on the ground.

Krav Maga Sparring


Level 4

Defence using body, footwork and natural reactions and counter attacks. Dealing with a variety of blunt weapon attacks standing and on the ground. Releases from the guillotine chokes. Fighting skills utilising movement, evasion, angles and counter attacks.

Level 5

Defend against being held and hit, standing. Defences against shirt grabs and strikes. Wrist joint leverages.  Defences against wrist grabs from two people, advanced wrist grab defence techniques. Defences against standing knife threats. Defending against standing chokes when movement is limited by being pushed against the surface (wall, vehicle etc.). Fighting skills utilising the principles from this and all the previous levels.

Level 6

Being able to use improvised weapons & common objects against a variety of situations (distraction, shielding, attacking). Stick fighting. Fighting using sharp objects (or knife) as improvised weapons (including weapon vs. weapon). Fighting skills utilising the principles from this and all the previous levels.

Level  7

Break falls and rolls (more dynamic, when being pushed): front, back, side. Takedowns and throws. Higher level grappling skills during sparring both standup and on the ground, using basic takedowns, throws, chokes and joint locks. Being able to roll and break fall at a higher level when being thrown or taken down. Being able to fight multiple unarmed opponents in sparring situations.

Krav Maga Overhead Knife Defence & Takedown


Level 8

Defence of knife attacks from the various angles, standing and on the ground. Being able to defend the attacks (unarmed and with weapons) from seated positions. Multiple attacker defence with a mix of unarmed attackers and attackers using weapons (blunt or edge). Ground fighting: dealing with being held on the ground and punched. Knife threats on the ground.

Level 9

Defence against various pistol threats. Defence against various grabs by throwing the attacker and ending up on top of them. Ground fighting: striking from various positions when fighting on the ground, finishing the conflict standing up. Ground sparring, starting from the most common positions (standing, mount, guard).

Level 10

Defence against various long arm weapon threats. Being able to rescue a third party threatened by an attacker with a knife or a gun. Control and restraint, standing and on the ground. Fighting skills utilising the principles from all the previous levels: free flow sparring using mma gloves, with weapons occasionally thrown into the fight, as well as an additional attacker (with or without weapons).

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