Krav Maga Baton Takedown

Every few weeks we host a Krav Maga & Self Defence Training Event focusing on a different topic, providing the Auckland region with the best Krav Maga & Self Defence Courses, Workshops and Training Seminars. With the exception of our Krav Maga Ability tests, all Krav Fighter events are open to club members and the public.The Krav Fighter Ability tests are public events, however only Krav Fighter members who demonstrate readiness for grading are allowed to participate. The location of our Ability Tests is the Auckland Domain and this is an unique opportunity for the Auckland public to see what our training is about and watch our members demonstrate their skill, determination and aggression required to survive the real life violence. We offer the Krav Maga Basics Introductory Courses every 4-6 weeks for everyone interested in starting with Krav Fighter or perhaps learning the basics of Self Protection in a very short time. Although the basic techniques we teach are very effective and can be used immediately, we do recommend attending regular classes for a period of time after completion of the Krav Fighter Introductory Krav Maga Basics Course to develop mental and physical toughness enabling you to react fast if confronted by a determined attacker. You can view the schedule of the Krav Maga & Self Defence Training Events we have planned for the following 12 months below.

11 May 2024

11 May