Krav Maga Sparring

We're proud to say we offer unparalleled Krav Maga & Self Defence training right here in Auckland, New Zealand. Just check out the reviews written by people just like you who cared deeply about their own safety and wanted to learn self defence that works in the real world. With us, there is no sugar coating and teaching you useless moves. Don't take our word for it; if you're highly motivated individual striving to achieve Self Protection competency by training regularly at our location, try one of our classes to experience the way we train, and meet the instructors and other club members.


Nathan Stone, Oct 29, 2018 I’ve been training here for a long time. They have great coaches, great understanding of what they’re teaching and will constantly make sure you understand all the movements, breaking it down as needed. They always vary the sessions to ensure there is something different being taught. Great people and great specialised workshops. Constantly challenging you mental and physically.
Hugh Free, Oct 20, 2018 A great atmosphere where the instructors are very knowledgeable in their craft, everyone is respectful of each other even if you are new and inexperienced. Krav Fighter is a great place to join if you want to learn a well rounded set of self defence skills!
Katherine Skidmore, Oct 2, 2018 I absolutely loved my free trial at KRAV FIGHTER. The training is intense and adapted to real-life situations. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and explain things well for beginners. Definitely recommend giving it a shot!
Rachit Bhatia, Sep 7, 2018 Day 1 of trial class and it was a very good experience. We went straight into learning techniques that can be used to defend yourself and disarm the attacker if ever in the situation. Would highly recommend, not like other martial arts. Krav Maga one is a bit more freeform using your body type to create an advantage for yourself. Highly recommend Krav Fighter's Krav Maga classes.
Caitlin Dale, Aug 8, 2018 I had a fun time at my first class here! The atmosphere was very welcoming and beginners were seamlessly integrated into the existing class. The drills were accessible and each built on the last, so there was a sense of progression even within the class itself. I felt a little lost at times, but everyone was very encouraging and friendly. Definitely compelling stuff! Can see how the focus on growing together through ongoing training creates a sense of community here.

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Below, you'll find a KRAV FIGHTER timetable of trial classes for the current week showing how many spaces are still available. While we recommend you book Krav Maga as your first trial class, followed by Combat Striking, or another Krav Maga as your second trial class, they can be booked in any order. You can choose another week using the calendar. Once you locate a class you'd like to book, click/tap on the Book button, followed by Next. Choose Create Account and populate all the required information, including your contact details in Auckland and acceptance of the Liability Waiver. Leave the "Account Management & Schedule Updates" selected! Otherwise, you will NOT RECEIVE the booking confirmation with essential information for your trial class, and will NOT be able to participate as a result. Click/tap on Create Account, then purchase the most suitable trial class option. The booking confirmation e-mail has detailed instructions for the trial class, so please read it to avoid surprises on the day. Please note, to register you need to be at least 14 years old. Each person trialling a class has to complete their own registration.

Overhead Knife Defence

Leave the "Account Management & Schedule Updates" selected and read the booking confirmation email! Aucklanders can purchase 2 Trial Class pack for $20. Visitors can choose between Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and One Week Pass.